Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time Management - or the lack thereof

Do you ever become paralyzed wondering what to work on next?  That's my story today.  I need to order threads, wool and notions for 2 upcoming classes,  Enchantment is calling my name as it has been ignored for a few days, my first month's BOM from Material Obsession arrived yesterday, my hexie quilt has a deadline, and I have a new exciting project underway for you.  Did I mention that we will be leaving town for another 2 weeks and the day after we return the studio will be started in the back yard?

~Deep breath~

I hate to say how long ago I started this hexie quilt - let's just say more than a year.  Everyone seemed to be on the hexie craze and not wanting to be left out I ordered a bag of hexie papers.  They are not the tiny ones, each finished "flower" is about 8".  This pic is really just a teaser, I'm almost finished with applique borders and I love it.  It has a date with my amazing machine quilter and she promised it will be done when I return from my trip.  The border has bees, butterflies, bunnies, flowers, leaves and birds connected by a pretty vine and leaves.  It is called The Honey Flow and the pattern will be ready soon.  

Do you have blogging friends?  You know, those people you meet online, never in person, but you feel like you know them?  One of my blog friends is Bev, owner of 44th Street Fabric.  Bev is busy with a "real" job and her online fabric shop.  She has dogs, kids, quilts, just like the rest of us.  Check out her blog and meet a new friend.


  1. Awww, thanks for mentioning me! I love how you can meet someone online and end up being FFL (friends for life)! LOVE your hexies! How fun! I looked at the Urban Owls BOM (because yours is so perfectly wonderful) but too much $$ for me! What BOM did you order this time? I can't wait to see your hexie quilt with the border! What is its name? Thanks again for thinking of me! Love ya! XOXO

    1. The Urban Owls was too expensive and so is the new one named While The Cat's Away. I don't understand the name because there isn't a cat in it. But, I don't buy fabric just to stash - only what I use. So I use that to justify spending too much when I really want something.

      The hexie quilt is named "The Honey Flow". Beekeepers refer to the first big bloom of trees and flowers as the honey flow because that is when the bees are in full production and storing honey. With all the colors and flowers on my quilt it reminds me of this special time each spring.
      Keep in touch,


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