Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Transfer of Skills

As much as I would enjoy spending each day creating and stitching, it's just not meant to be.  My husband and I have a new project, a studio for his woodcarving that has been built in our back yard.  That's my husband with Mickey and Juno on his new porch.

The exterior is all finished and to save some money we are doing some of the interior work ourselves.  Now, if you have ever purchased a pattern or kit from me, chances are my husband may have folded the pattern and stuffed it in the bag, cut threads or wool, and may have even folded the fabric in just the right order.  He has helped me and my sister, Paula, pour and label thousands of lip balms, made soap forms, shrink wrapped Heel Thyself and stirred soap.  It's only fair that I help with some of his projects.
To finish off the interior of the studio we needed to insulate the walls.  Sounds easy, right?  Yes, that is one of my cutting boards and rulers topped by a big roll of insulation.  

My fabric cutting skills were invaluable as I cut off sections to fit between the framing boards.  A rotary cutter wouldn't work as this stuff is thick and required a tough box-cutter type thing with sharp razors.  I cut and trimmed through 11 rolls, 32 feet in each roll.  Then, I helped staple the pieces in place.

At the end of the last 2 days I was so sore and tired that picking up a needle seemed like too much physical labor.  But.....sitting under a quilt with a book was perfect.

I have one more give away, another project that is started and up to one of you to finish.  I will have the pics and information here in a day - or 2.

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  1. I received my package today. Angels do sing and Christmas came early. Bless you and your generosity!


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