Monday, October 6, 2014

Dear Jane, I'm sorry


 Dear Jane,
I'm sorry that I will never finish your quilt.  You inspire me as I think of your dedication to create all these little blocks and oh my, those triangles in the border.  I've thought of you often when a block has been particularly challenging - knowing how you must have saved every little scrap and worked to hand piece and applique without electric iron, spray starch and rotary cutter.

Yes, I'm a failure.


OK, now that the letter to Jane is complete,  let me explain.  I started the Dear Jane quilt many years ago and after 25 blocks decided that I would never finish and gave the blocks to a friend.  Last year I saw the beautiful finished quilt made by Bonnie Quigley and was inspired anew.  I asked my friend for my blocks back - since she hadn't done anything with them I was of the opinion they were still mine - and made 27 more.  That is 52 finished blocks.

I was ruthless last week in cleaning out the closets.  All spring/summer clothes not worn this year, all winter clothes not worn last year, and coats from many years past were given to a local charity.  With a renewed fervor I moved to my sewing room.  Sometimes you just have to be honest about:
  1. What can really be accomplished in your lifetime.
  2. What you don't like anymore.
  3. What were you thinking when you bought this fabric?
  4. Why do I try to make a Civil War quilt?  I've never been a fan of the Civil War fabrics so why did I ever try to talk myself into the Dear Jane quilt?
If you are interested in 52 Dear Jane blocks please send me at with your name and address and I will be thrilled to rush to the post office and send them to you.  The book will not be included but you probably have your own :-).

Is this the easiest give away ever?  No clever comments, slogans or begging.  Just your name and address.

In the event that I receive more than 1 email the first one received gets the blocks.  If I don't get any emails by Saturday, well, you probably don't want to hear what will happen to them.


  1. I promise I'll take good care of them!! And make the quilt!!

  2. I am also dragging my feet on Dear Jane and would love to have yours to add to my. They stare at me begging to be picked up. You blocks might make me get out of my slump!

    cjpike (at) indiana (dot) edu


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