Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Enchantment - slow progress

We just arrived back home after visiting our friends in Oklahoma and my husband taking a wood carving class.  There was a little time for stitching and I'm thrilled to have made some progress on Enchantment.

I'm debating on adding something to the red or just leaving it to be quilted.  Yes, more bullions!  I love stitching them and their versatility.  The flower is outlined in Bullion Knots using Silken Pearl #5 in Sunflower and French Knots in Painter's Thread Gimp in Matisse.  Seed beads outline the red flower using a Coral Stitch in Painter's Thread Braided Metallic, Picasso.

More Bullion Knots surround the flower center using Silken Pearl #5, Mermaid Shimmer, Fly Stitches in Silken Pearl #5, Chartreause filled with yet another Bullion Knot in Silken Pearl #5, Hollyhocks & Hummingbirds.
Both Leaves were outlined with...... you guessed it Bullion Knots using Silken Pearl #5, Granite.  The lighter green leaf layer on the top leaf was outlined using the same thread and Chain Stitch.  The flower petals are Double Cast-on stitches using Silken Pearl #5, Hollyhocks & Hummingbirds.  Between each petal is a small Bullion Knot in Sunflower Silken Pearl #5 threaded with Mermaid Shimmer Silken Pearl #5.  Fly Stitch in Granite Silken Pearl #5.

Again, the lighter colored layer on the bottom leaf was outlined with Chain Stitch using the Granite colored thread.  I continued the Chain Stitch down the center and one side to add veins, switching to Camoflage Silken Pearl #5.  Back to the Granite Silken Pearl #5 for Colonial Knots.

I've made good progress on 3 little flowers and will share soon.


  1. How in the world do you do those Bullions? All of your work is just so perfect. I've done some applique lately and it was apparently so bad that one of the ladies in blogland did a tutorial on her blog so that I could do it better-lol. I really admire your work! You are an inspiration!

  2. I love the Bullion Knot stitch. It is so versatile and I just like doing them.


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