Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Don't Like Bologna

My Mom fixed bologna sandwiches for my school lunch and I ate them even though I didn't like them.  But, there was no choice - eat or be hungry.  So I know from experience that bologna can be a meal, even if it's not your "meat" of choice.  

Are you wondering yet why I'm sharing my feelings about bologna?  Well, I've come to the conclusion that felt is the bologna of the fabric world.  Little things chopped up, mushed together and pressed down flat.  That's how both bologna and felt are made.

I know I'm going to get in trouble for this.... but felt, even if it is 100% wool felt, IS NOT the same as felted wool. Do you remember last year when I made the Urban Owls quilt designed by Wendy Williams as a block-of-the-month project?  Felt was included in the kit and in the spirit of learning new things, I used it and blogged about the pros and cons.

Wendy has designed another beautiful quilt, "While The Cat's Away", offered as a BOM through Material Obsessions and I enrolled.  The first month included felt to make flower centers and once again I cut them out, appliqued them together and haven't added any embroidery stitches.  Why? Because other than the bright colors they look really flat, just like the bologna.  And now that I'm a grown-up I have choices.

I'm going to substitute the bologna, I mean felt, with lovely, soft, textural, felted wool.  After the final month of the BOM I will have a give-away here of colorful felt that you can use for a sandwich or a craft project.

The kits are expensive and there is part of me that thinks I should use what is in the kit but my justification is that I don't like it and I'm not going to work on a beautiful quilt with fabric I don't like.  (at this point imagine me with hands on hips and a pout on my lips.)

Hopefully I will get some blocks finished next week that I can share.

p.s.  for all of you that are offended because you love felt and/or bologna, sorry.


  1. LOL! I would have bought both of those kits if I had the money. Now I'm glad I didn't! You are certainly the expert on wool and felt. I've wondered what the difference (besides the feel) was. Good to know! XO

  2. I agree that felted wool is much nicer than the more economical wool felt. Has the wool felt been washed!? It will have a nubby texture if it is moistened and then tossed in the dryer. Since it's felt it can't be twisted or wrung or it will fall apart. I have a small stash of washed wool felt, but always use my felted wool instead--so much more beautiful and fun to stitch!

    1. The felt is not washed. I've seen the washed wool felt but it's not my thing. I don't pamper myself with expensive clothes, fake fingernails or facials, but I do indulge myself with "real" wool and lovely threads.

  3. I don't like bologna either. Refused to eat it as a child. I make the same argument to myself about clothes vs craft supplies.

  4. What does that new one from Wendy Williams' look like? I tried to google it and I cant find it. I couldn't find it on Material Obsession either. Lori Delino @ quilterlori7@aol.com

    1. Here is a link: http://www.materialobsession.com.au/epages/mama12093.sf/en_AU/?ObjectPath=/Shops/mama12093/Products/%22CAT%22%22S%20AWAY%22
      When I first saw the quilt on the BOM announcement I didn't fall in love with it. But a few weeks later there were close-up photos on the Material Obsession blog that hooked me.
      I will post pics of my progress here on my blog, but with wool, not felt.

  5. Yup...I feel the same way and got rid of EVERY scrap of felt that I own! It 'felt' wonderful!


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