Friday, October 3, 2014

More Enchantment Progress

I was excited to get started on these 3 flowers.  They are just so cute at the end of the vine with all the little leaves.  Here is how I stitched them:
  • The vine was made with a Clover Bias maker, the "only" way in my book to quickly make stems and vines.  I cut a strip about 3/8" wide on the bias of a batik print, sprayed it with starch and pressed it until dry.  Then it was threaded into the bias maker, the end pinned to my ironing board, and quickly pressed into a perfect vine.
  • As you know, I'm hooked on Bullion Knots and here they are again outlining the pink flowers using Silken Pearl #5, Hollyhocks & Hummingbirds.  All of my Silken Pearl is hand-dyed by The Thread Gatherer.
  • This same thread was used to stitch along the sides of the orange center section in Basque Stitch.
  • Two rows of Back Stitch were added using Thread Gatherer Sea Grass, Limelight.
  • Pistil Stitches in groups of 3 were added to the bottom edge of the flowers in Silken Pearl #5, Phoenix Rising.
  • Circles at the top of the flowers were covered with Whipped Spider Webs using Valdani Pearl Cotton #8, color M26.
  • Believing that you can never have too many Bullion Knots, I used the M26 to surround each leaf and then added Fly Stitch in the center.
  • French Knots were added to the tips of the Fly Stitch using Painter's Thread Pearl Cotton #8, colors Marianne on the 4 leaves closest to the flowers, Mary C. on the 3 leaves in the center section of the stem, and VanGogh on the top 3 leaves.
A few honey bees will be added around the flowers and perhaps something along the sides of the vine.

We have been very busy the past few days, trying to catch up after our trip.  I'm hoping to steal some time for stitching this weekend.


  1. Hi Kerri...this looks amazing! My bullion knots are still hit and miss. Could you email me with a good tutorial you would recommend. I have the book that Sue used in our class that we took together, but like I said they can be really good or really bad and not sure what I am doing. Your work really is great!

    cjpike (at) indiana (dot) edu

  2. Hi Christi, The best video tutorials are found on

    I recommend signing up on the Needle 'n Thread blog to automatically receive her daily postings. She has amazing information, and her instructions and tutorial are the best.


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