Saturday, October 11, 2014

The More Cleaning Give Away

If there is a prize for the biggest, best blog give away I'm going to win.  My Dear Jane blocks are in the mail to Vangie and I'm finally going to admit that I won't make the Sweet & Simple quilt either.

  • I like this quilt.
  • I like it so much that I purchased kits for every block for a total of $180.00 plus fabric for the setting strips.
  • I like it so much that I made 5 blocks.
Then, I put it away.

This is too nice of a quilt to just sit in my closet, sadly calling my name, and being ignored.  After all, no one likes to be ignored.  Perhaps you ask, "if you love it why don't you make it?"  Well, there is only so much time and I have many more projects that I like even better.

So, here's the deal:  Be the first to send an email to with your name and address (USA only) and next week you will receive 5 completed blocks plus their patterns, 25 pattern and fabric kits for the remaining blocks and the fabric for the setting strips. 

That's it!  Easy! 


  1. Wow! Both of these are such generous give aways!!! I'm looking forward to seeing the "even better" projects you are choosing to work on instead.

  2. Just found your blog and even though I'm not eligible I'm still going to follow your blog :) haha

    1. Welcome! I hope you enjoy my blog about quilting, embellishment, and sometimes other stuff too.
      You never know when there will be another give away.


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