Monday, November 10, 2014


Life seems to come in bunches and it appears that classes do too.  I haven't taught since the Small Town Quilt Retreat last June but suddenly I had 3 groups call and want to schedule my Crazy For Embellishment class.  Crazy For Embellishment is what I call my "Beginner" class and everyone is amazed, and sometimes a little nervous when I announce that we are going to learn a dozen stitches before noon.

Each student is given a kit containing wool, a variety of threads including pearl cotton, silken pearl and sea grass plus the needles needed.  I love seeing everyone so excited when they finish their first perfect Bullion Knot, whip the Back Stitch, laugh at a Drizzle and realize that yes, they can do it!

I began my trio of classes with the Midway Heritage Quilt Guild.  I have taught for this group before and always have a good time.  This photo is my Crazy For Embellishment sampler stitched by Susan Turpin, a member of the Midway Guild.  Susan does lovely work, finishing several of my patterns.

The very next week a group of friends invited me to teach at a private home and because there were only 4 students it was a very relaxed time with the most amazing lunch.  They were so nice that I immediately felt like I was just spending the day with friends.  And you know, within a short time, I was.

This past weekend found me teaching just a few blocks from home.  Hazel Rimmasch arranged everything for the class and even prepared a fantastic lunch.  Hazel and I met at the Small Town Quilt Retreat when we had vendor booths next to each other.  She loved the threads and stitching and was determined to learn.  The class was comprised of Hazel's friends, several of my friends from my quilt group, and women we met at the Retreat.

A day filled with friends and stitching.  Now that's hard to beat.

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