Monday, November 3, 2014

Progress Notes

There are so many wonderful patterns, colors, threads, fabrics... oh my..... that I've been a bit distracted.  Since I couldn't decide what to work on next that little demon inside of me that wants to knit sneaked out and I spent a few days knitting on a kit that I purchased a year ago.  Surprisingly, it was going quite well until the addition of a color that just isn't working for me.  Perfect excuse to put it aside and get back to quilting.

Here is another Enchantment bird with a Woven Picot beak and Double Cast-on head feathers.
Chain Stitch defines the inner wing using Silken Pearl #5, Hollyhocks and Hummingbirds.  The lower edge of the wing is bordered by Cast-On stitch using Silken Pearl #5, Midsummer Vineyard which is held in place with a Fly Stitch in Pearl Cotton (some color of yellow) and Lazy Daisy in the Midsummer Vineyard.  

Feather Stitch seamed appropriate for the tail feathers using Silken Pearl #5 in Grape Soda.  Between the tail feathers is a very long drizzle stitch using Silken Pearl #5, Hollyhocks and Hummingbirds with a bead at the end.  The eye is from a hand-made bead (made by my sister, Lynda) that looks just like an eye.  A light lavender Sea Grass outlines the top of the bird using Back Stitch and Fly Stitch along the bird's belly.  Sorry, I don't have all the colors but some of the threads in my bag have lost their name-tags.

Yesterday I spent the entire day in my sewing room and loved it.  I didn't even cook - our Sunday dinner was scrambled eggs and waffles that my husband cooked.  He makes the best pancakes and waffles from scratch.  I don't know the recipe and don't want to learn it.

These blocks are Month 1 of the "When The Cat's Away" block of the month that I'm enrolled in.  I think these are really clever flowers made with half-square triangles.  Since the felt circles were already cut and stitched together I'm going to use them.  The leaves are felted wool from my stash and the stems are probably going to change to something more exciting.

Month 2 is a Sunburst block that is the first of 4 and I've been warned that this is the easy one.  It's a large 24"x24" block and is absolutely beautiful.  I used felted wool from my stash in place of the felt that was included in the kit.  

The 8 flower blocks and the Sunburst now need to be appliqued and embroidered.  Month 3 is already here and is 8 pieced blocks.

I'm really excited about this quilt and the BOM program.  The instructions have been very clear and there is plenty of fabric included.

With such a good start it will be difficult to put everything away to design and stitch a project for an upcoming retreat.  Saturday will find me teaching embellishment in an art studio near my home.

I think there are some more waffle dinners in my near future.

Check back tomorrow so I can tell you about a new trick I learned for making circles.


  1. Your work is so beautiful! It's always a treat to visit your blog!

    1. Thanks Bev, I love your blog too. We both seem to have a bit of Attention Deficit Disorder when it comes to stitching.


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