Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thankful for Friends

I have made many friends through quilting.  Some of us keep in touch often while others may just be happy to meet in a quilt shop or at retreat.  Last Friday I was invited to participate in Moonlight Madness at American Quilting.  The shop closed for a few hours of prep time during which I was able to hang some quilts and lay out samples.  Promptly at 7 p.m. the doors opened to a rush of visitors who won prizes, took advantage of discounts throughout the shop and browsed amongst the bolts of beautiful fabric.

What fun to see quilting friends again and catch up.  My husband joined me and said he had a fun time meeting my friends.  My new quilt, "The Honey Flow", was hanging and the bright colors were real eye-catchers.  More than a few visitors have a pile of hexie flowers already made and bought the pattern to finish the flowers off with an appliqued border.

My "Crazy For Embellishment" sampler was also quite popular, especially when I explained that it was created for my beginning embroidery class.  There was a lot of interest and we scheduled a class in February (see side-bar).

Enough about me!  I want to share an amazing quilt with you made by my very dear friend, Debra Hale. Debra and I met in a quilt class about 15 years ago and have made quilts together ever since.  She is a true artist and makes every pattern better with her amazing selection of color and workmanship.  She adds "little" touches to each pattern that makes it her own.  I'm not at all embarrassed to admit that when we are making the same quilt I let her get ahead of me so I can copy.

Debra started with the pattern "Merry Christmas" by Heart to Hand and made quite a few changes.  The applique is wool on homespun backgrounds and each block is embellished.  The biggest surprise?  Debra selected black cotton velveteen for the border and let me tell you, it was the perfect choice.  A lot of photos follow and you will love them all.

 Each letter is outlined with red beads.

 Individual red beads that reminded me of pomegranate seeds cover the gift .
 I especially love the tree so there are 2 photos! Wool strips were stitched to look like pine needles and then colorful beads were added for the ornaments.

Debra always creates a special label for each quilt.

Debra and I always like to make changes to patterns that personalize our quilts and I hope this inspires you to let your inner artist blossom!

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  1. That tree is gorgeous, what an excellent idea.... Maybe i will, copy it!


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