Monday, February 9, 2015

Will I Ever Be Enchanted?

Several months ago my Enchantment quilt was carefully put away while I moved my sewing room, prepared for Christmas, and started even more projects.  Feeling guilty, I pulled it out and hung it on my design wall just to be reminded how much I want to get back to it.

Here's proof that if you don't like the color of the wool you used it doesn't need to be unpicked.  I had appliqued 3 orange circles here that just didn't do anything for me.  To the rescue was the new Single Loop from Painter's Threads.  I love the variety of colors in each packet/skein of Painter's Thread - sometimes just one little drop!  All 3 of these circles were covered with the same packet, each with different results but blending together beautifully.  

Remember, there is a 1" orange wool circle under each one of these.  On the upper left circle I started stitching down the Single Loop in the center and worked outward.  On the other 2, I started on the outside of the circle and worked towards the center, which I think gave a better result.  I stitched the Single Loop down with a size 8 pearl cotton but wish I would have used the #4 metallic braid for just a bit of bling buried down deep at the end of each loop.  This trim has been so successful that the supply is very limited but I have a few colors on hand.  If you would like to add this to your thread stash give me a call at 801-706-4671.

I think my "While The Cat's Away" BOM will have to take a turn on the shelf as I become Enchanted once again.

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