Monday, March 23, 2015

The Last Bird

The final bird on Enchantment just needs to have an eye stitched on and then she is finished.  I have really been neglectful of this project and feel like I need to get motivated to give it more attention.  I covered the wing with size 8 pearl cotton in a cast-on stitch, tail feathers are outlined with back stitch and wheat ear stitch down the center of each with silken pearl #5.  The beak is satin stitched with pearl cotton #8 and bullion stitches in silken pearl #5 for legs.

My plan is to finish a set of leaves, then a flower, leaves, flower, etc. until they are all done.

While ignoring Enchantment, I was busy making this tuffet that is 12" tall and 18" in diameter.  I used a jelly roll of Kaffe fabrics and painted the legs purple (confession - my husband painted the legs).  A tuffet class was offered at Elaine's Quilt Shop and my husband bought the class for me as a Christmas gift.  I had to reschedule twice and was so excited when the date arrived.  The first class was devoted to sewing the strips onto muslin foundations to make a wedge shape and then we were sent home to make 7 more wedges.  Two weeks later we returned for the "upholstery" portion of the class and went home with a finished project.

The teachers were excellent with easy to follow instructions, helpful hints, hands-on help and all the materials necessary.  There was quite an assortment of fabric themes and they all turned out beautiful.  If you love the tuffet I suggest taking a class rather than trying it yourself.

I just couldn't resist and bought 2 more upholstery kits.  Oh, Enchantment.................. don't let me put you aside again.


  1. She's a beautiful bird! Your tuffet is amazing! Wow! That is a great job! Do you think you learned enough to do a chair? You are so creative! XO

  2. I've seen this tuffet before and always admired it. Yours looks beautiful!


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