Monday, April 20, 2015

Stitching on Enchantment

There are a lot of leaves on Enchantment - really, a lot of leaves.  Three vines are hanging from the tree on the right side of the quilt. A simple Closed Fly Stitch with Painter's Thread #3 Pearl Cotton in Rousseau on the outside vines with Lazy Daisy in Painter's Shimmer Floss Rousseau on the center leaves.

Unless I break up stitching on leaves this poor project will be put on the shelf so next I stitched a flower.

The flower center is a Spiral Trellis using Valdani Pearl Cotton #8.  Unfortunately, this color has been discontinued so I just use a little bit at a time.  Sea Grass "Butterscotch" in the closed Fly Stitch and The Lavenders Silken Pearl #5 for Bullions.  The flower was outlined with Valdani 0244 Pearl Cotton #8 using a Pekinese Stitch.  Tiny seed bead flowers are stitched on each petal.

I think another flower before more leaves........... 

To see more Enchantment photos check out my Enchantment Board on Pinterest


  1. It is a lot of work, but oh so beautiful. I love all your stitching, really adds to the beauty of the pieces.

  2. This is breathtakingly gorgeous! That bullion stitch kills me! Will follow your Enchantment Board on Pinterest! XO

  3. Heck, you do so much cool stuff--I just started a board for your work on my Pinterest. :)

    1. The bullions are easy. It's getting the seams to match and the points just right the way you do it that's hard.

  4. Kerry, this is gorgeous! I belong to a woollies group and they will be so excited to see this :)


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