Monday, May 4, 2015

Enchantment Stitches

Have you ever made yourself a promise?  I'm  not talking about the one to lose weight.  No, the "I am going to get this project done by such and such date" promise.  If you're like me you really mean it - until something else catches your eye.

My Enchantment quilt is definitely in this category.  I started it about a year ago and my progress is shameful.  But.... there is some progress.

Sometimes the most difficult step for me is deciding what stitch, thread, and color.  Here I outlined the red portion with Silken Pearl "In The Reds" using Coral Stitch.  The center pink section is surrounded with Silken Pearl "Hummingbirds and Hollyhocks" Bullion Knots and Double Pekinese Stitch "Midsummer Vineyard".  A Whipped Spider Web using Valdani M69 adorns the berry.

Four Double Cast-On Stitches in the center of each wool circle using Painter's Pearl Cotton, "Picasso", with 4 Pistil Stitches and a Bullion Knot in Valdani color #12.  Surrounding the wool circle is Cast-On stitch in a Valdani color that unfortunately, has been discontinued.

The dark green leaves are outlined in Bullion Knots using Painter's "Boucher".  Around the cotton center is Chain Stitch using Valdani "P1" and then I whipped the outside edge of the Chain with Valdani "13".

Here you can see the flower, leaves and berries together.  On this section of branch there is 1 more flower, 9 of these leaves, and 6 more berries.

My latest deadline to finish has passed but I'm still determined.


  1. Fabulous inspiration. Enjoy the process!

  2. Love these (as usual). I have a Pinterest board for your creations! It's very popular! Hope you are well! XO

    1. Thanks Bev, This quilt reminds me of the saying, "the faster I go the behinder I get". It's those darn distractions!


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