Sunday, May 24, 2015

It's My Birthday

That's right.  Today is my birthday but I was able to get out of bed, feed & dress myself and add some stitches to Enchantment.  I'm officially a senior citizen but that's OK.

These 3 leaves are grouped together around a flower so I wanted them to be similar in color.  I chose Painter's single loop trip to edge the outside leaf edge and stitched it on using Painter's Metallic Braid in a coral stitch.

Sea Grass color Crush Crush in Back Stitch and Fly Stitch and a variegated Pearl Cotton #8 in Bullions, Trellis Stitch and Woven Spider Web.

I really, really want to get this finished and have set a deadline for 3 weeks.  Next, is a flower to give me a break from many more leaves.


  1. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Kerry! Happy Birthday to you! And many more! Love your leaves! I've put them on my Pinterest "Kerry Green" board. Hope you have a happy, happy day! XO Bev

  2. Happy Birthday! Mine is Thursday - we have that Gemini connection. Have a wonderful day. Candy

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day. Your leaves are so beautiful.

  4. Happy Burfday Kerry and many many more! Hey I become a senoir citizen this year too--so wots it like?LOL!
    Loves n hugs xxoo

  5. Happy Birthday, enjoy the discount and go out to eat dinner at 4:00 to celebrate ;-).

  6. Hi Kerry, congratulations on your milestone birthday, hope you celebrated it in style.

    I've not seen Painters single loop trip before, where did you find it? At first I thought you were describing a stitch that you did with Oainters gimp.

    Your piece is looking lovely.

  7. I carry an inventory of Painter's and Thread Gatherer Threads. In addition to Painter's Perl Cotton and Single Loop, I also have the Painter's Ric Rac.


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