Thursday, August 20, 2015

I think we all try to squeeze the most out of every minute of the day, sometimes putting too many expectations on ourselves.  The past few months have been very busy, traveling to wood carving events, trying to get in some cabin time, and listening to my nagging quilt projects.  In addition to all that I thought it would be a good idea to take on some remodeling projects!!

Just before leaving town last week we moved the furniture into the garage and handed the house key over to have our hardwood floors refinished.  We came home when the job was done, bought paint and handed over the key to have it painted the next time we leave.  We are fortunate to have somewhere to go while the work is being done as the smell is overpowering!!

While the work was being done here I got busy on finishing up my "Cats Away" block of the month.  I thought it would take one day to piece the borders and sew it took 3.

This is an awful photo that I took with my phone, standing on a chair!  The quilt is 86"x86" which means it's too big to hang where I had planned.  I found an online source for one of the predominant gray prints and when it arrives (and I'm home) I will add a border and use it to cover my king-sized bed.  After all, my bedroom will need a new quilt now that it is being painted.  So, after all, it's still not finished.

My Enchantment quilt is about 2 hours away from being finished! Yeah!! A few more stitches, piecing the back today and then off to the quilter.

What's that sound?  I hear voices.  Oh, it's just the other projects calling me from the closet, hoping they are next.


  1. It is Absolutely stunning! Don't ya love the feeling of a finished project? The sound in my sewing room is deafening...I have sooo many projects going. They are all screaming to be next. (Giggle)


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