Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kaffe Class and More

The highlight of last week was Kaffe Fasset's visit to Salt Lake City.  Tuesday evening Kaffe and Brandon presented a lecture and slide show which was very inspirational.  Wednesday morning was our class on Overlapping Squares from the book Heritage Quilts.

As I pressed my fabric and packed up my supplies I had a good idea of what my quilt would look like.  Surprise!!! I took all the wrong fabric as small or medium scale prints are best for this quilt design.  "Luckily" Elaine's Quilt Shop had plenty of fabric at the class so shopping was my first task.

Amazing is the word I use to describe working with Kaffe and Brandon!  At first it was a bit intimidating to have them stand next to me and look at my selections, but they quickly put me at ease with their easy manner.  They both explain why a fabric/color works or doesn't and quickly make suggestions.  Kaffe would walk back to my table, go through the fabric and say, "try this one".  When I explained that it wasn't my fabric his response was, "that's OK, she is your friend, just use it".

Needless to say, my quilt doesn't look anything like I thought it would.  There is more choosing and cutting and then the dreadful sewing together of all these triangles but I'm excited about it.

Elaine's did an amazing job of setting up the classes.  We had plenty of room, wonderful lighting, lunch, snacks, a handmade quilted bag, and they even set up our design walls.

When I sit down it's time for more Kaffe fabric and Block 4 of the Roseville Album.  I prepped 2 blocks and the one I was going to do first just looked too difficult so I did this one which will sit in the outer corner.  It may be more sensible to work on all the center blocks first but this one looked "easy".  The truth is, none of them are easy.

I am finally back in the "groove" of needleturn applique after the easy whip stitching on wool.  It took some practice to get the feel of the smaller needle and to hide the tiny stitches but I'm there.

Oh, how I love all of it!!

But, this week is dedicated to covering cushions for the window seat.  Are you surprised that I'm using a Kaffe fabric? 


  1. Looks like so much fun! Wish I could have been there.

  2. Several years ago I took a class with Kaffe and Brandon, I agree it was intimidating and amazing.

    Do you have photos of any other participants to share with us...in my class one gal brought very grey/muddy fabrics from another designer...don't think she understood the concept at all.

    Have fun with your appliqué.

    1. I was too busy choosing fabrics to take pictures of all the quilts. However, there is a Facebook group, "Kaffe Fasset Collective" that has pics of all the quilts.

    2. How fun! I'm sure your blocks were the best! XO

  3. I am jealous. Very much wanted to go but no time. Thanks for sharing and I especially like his comment about "she is your friend" because it is probably true.


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