Monday, December 28, 2015

I'm Still Here

It has been a busy month here - fall turned into winter, Christmas with all the preparations, good times with friends and family.  But you know me - there was still time for stitching.  

I pieced together the Lorna Doone pattern by Kaffe Fassett and remembered why I prefer hand-work.  Do you ever see a quilt you can't get out of your mind?  For me it was Lorna Doone.  I even used the exact fabrics - no substitutions.

Then there is the Roseville Album.  I began this block 2 months ago and only enjoyed stitching the pot.  Oh, those little flowers were a lot of work.  To help ignore it's calls from my sewing room, I read 5 books but finally had to get back to it.  I finished it today and look forward to starting something new.

My fabric choices could have been better.  I like the pot, birds, and stems, but the flowers are quite ugly.  I will live with it though as I never want to do this one again.

I just finished a very limited number of kits for Dove In Bloom that are now for sale in my Etsy Shop for $40.00  The kit includes the wool and velvet, cotton and silk embroidery threads, bird eye, 1 packet each of Chenille #24 and Millener #1 needles, pattern and Yazzii bag.  

I love the Yazzii bags and have an assortment for various projects.  This once is 6" wide x 5" high x 2 3/4" wide with 6 zippered pockets.  This is the one I keep with my embroidery projects, with needles, threaders, scissors, thimble pads, emergency chocolate, etc.

Go ahead, buy yourself a gift and have some stitching fun.

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