Friday, January 29, 2016

My Journey To Enchantment

My Enchantment quilt is finally finished and hanging on the wall where I can enjoy it each day.  It is prominently displayed in my kitchen where I "unfortunately" spend many hours, but it is on a wall where I pass by often on my way to other rooms.  This has been a journey of almost 2 years, mostly because I get side-tracked and work on other projects.

The journey begins with a pattern by Suzanne Cody which I purchased from Material Obsessions in Sydney, Australia.  

 The pattern provided the inspiration but I made a few changes and added quite a bit of embellishment.  I have shared photos along the way and here is the final result:

My version doesn't have the wide top and side border, there is another "hill" at the bottom, and more vines hanging from the branches.  The background is pieced using a Yoko Saito print in the center with a variety of fabrics surrounding it.  The background fabric and tree are cotton while the applique is primarily felted wool with bits of cotton and silk.  The finished size is 50 inches by 58 inches.
A few close-up photos of the amazing quilting done by Cindy Paulsen at Quilted Connection:

I think it's important to label your quilts because who knows where it may end up years from now.  Someone will want to know who made it, when and where.  

I've tried printing my labels from the computer directly onto the fabric, printing the design from the computer onto paper and then tracing to fabric, but my best results come from just writing directly onto the fabric.  I used a fine-point Sharpie and drew a bird like the appliqued birds on the quilt.  I think it's nice to have it in my own hand-writing even though it's a bit crooked.

I mentioned getting side-tracked.............. another finished block for Roseville Album.

 and, I just returned from classes with Jen Kingwell at the Winter Quilt Fest retreat with even more projects on my "to do" list.  But, more about that later.

Enjoy a stitchy weekend.


  1. Kerry I am so impressed. I've been wanting to do this pattern and now you have really encouraged me to go for it. Is this the size of the pattern? I could get it out and look but asked anyway. I love the quilting - gorgeous. I am sorry for the recent loss in your community. My son is SNR and his SO is Unified Fire so it hit them really hard. Candy

    1. The pattern is 54" x 59" so about the same as mine. I used the width and length of the Yoko fabric I had and then added fabrics I liked around the sides and top. They are different sizes because I just had small pieces of them. Behind the hills is just something plain that I had on hand.
      I pieced together the background and then just moved the tree around to where I liked it, then added another hill. I enjoyed planning and stitching it and now I'm happy it's finished.

  2. It's gorgeous! Looking forward to hearing about your new projects.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful quilt! I love that you tweaked it a bit to reflect your own taste and style!

  4. Outrageous! I am inspired! Did you have any trouble ordering this pattern from Australia?

  5. Nice work. Very nice work. I do believe that this is the first time I've ever seen you answer a comment here!! But then, I haven't been around for quite a long time - doing genealogy instead of hand work these days. Of course, you more than "tweaked" the basic design; you fulfilled your vision of it. The interweaving of textures and colors and the dimensionality that comes from layering a variety of delicious textiles - it's all quite triumphant. And your birds are more pert and inquisitive than the ones suggested by the pattern. So congratulations -again - on a stunning piece of work. Say hi to your sis for me.


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