Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tea Rose Garden

 It's time to get ready for spring!  Yes, it's only the beginning of January, but the days are getting a few minutes longer, and I can only get through winter if I dream of spring. Just think how nice it would be to sit in the garden with the scent of tea roses, hollyhocks, and lavender blooms, listening to the buzzing of bees.

While you're dreaming, stitch up your own garden with my new pattern and kit.  Once again I rely on the handy Yazzii bag with 6 compartments to hold my needles, threaders, scissors, etc.  The embroidery is completed with your coordinating print stitched onto the 5" x 6" x 2 3/4" bag.

 I chose a purple bag primarily because it's the only color I didn't already have - but believe me, this embroidery coordinates beautifully with the colors shown below.

Kits include a pattern, felted wool and Yazzii bag in your choice of color, are only $24.00 in my  Etsy Shop

A kit with full skeins of each thread I used along with a packet of #24 Chenille and #1 Millener needles is also available for $74.50 which is a 15% discount on the threads and the needles are free.  Click HERE to see the kit in my Etsy Shop.


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  1. Hey Lady! I am working on a new website and blog. It will be blossomandbev.com. I'm also sending you an email later about a new thing I'm working on! I'd love your opinion. Also, I'm doing a pattern! I love these kits! You do amazing things always! Hope your holidays were good! XO


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