Sunday, March 20, 2016

Where Have I Been............

And, what have I been up to?

It was a shock to see that I haven't posted here since the end of January!  Winter just seems like the best time for cocooning away and that's what I've done.  We did make a trip in February and March to our cabin which is always an adventure in the winter.  We can drive within about one-half mile of the cabin but from there it's a snowmobile trip the remainder of the way.  

Luckily, our friends arrived first and had their snowmobiles ready to take us and our "stuff" in.  Can you say "dogs on snowmobiles"?  Yes, we hold them and they are not little dogs - a Springer Spaniel that doesn't like the ride and a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix that likes it only if she gets to be on the lead sled.  Me, not so much. I like being in the cabin with the fire going, a good book, stitching, and playing cards, not zipping around.

March was a busy month teaching, twice at the American Quilting Retreat, where I focused on stitches for the Tea Rose Garden cover for a Yazzii bag and Crazy for Embellishment once again at K&H Quilt Shoppe.  You just can't beat a day with other stitchers.

There have been many hours prepping blocks for the Roseville Album.  Each block has so many pieces and colors that my sewing table becomes a jumble of fabrics.  I decided that it would be a good idea to prepare all the square blocks so they are ready when I am.  That's a big project - but the pieces are cut out and glued on with 2 more finished.

 The circles are crooked on this basket but I'm pretending that it was planned this way.  

 Also in the "finished" column is a new Yazzii bag cover that will be a pattern available in 3 sizes for the Mini Craft Organizer Petite (CA10), Mini Craft Organizer Large (CA14) and Crafters Companion (CA230) which is the big sister measuring 10 x 13 x 3.5" pictured below.

I will be teaching this project in a 2-day retreat at My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop in Midway, UT in October.

Spring is trying to arrive here in Utah and I'm desperately rushing to prepare more projects for my summer deck time.  What's on my list?  Welcome to my Parlour by Wendy Williams, GardenVale a Moda pattern with Jen Kingwell fabric, Clambake by Crazy Old Ladies and.........a new wool wallhanging that I'm designing.

I'm better about updating on Facebook so check out the Kerry Stitch Designs page there.

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