Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wow! I'm on a Roll

Sometimes it seems as though not much is getting accomplished but my planet must be aligned with my stars just now.  This past week I have been in my sewing room getting more projects ready to work on in the summer while I'm away.

Here's the definition of a perfect "quilting" storm.  The Gardenvale  quilt was on the dining room wall at the Winter Quilfest Retreat I recently attended. Add to that, I was given a free pattern and a 30% discount coupon from the local fabric store.  Really, who could resist?  Not I.

I don't have many specialty rulers as piecing isn't my "thing" and honestly, I find them confusing.  But this Dresden ruler was invaluable in cutting out the pieces for my Gardenvale Dresden Plate blocks.

 After running all the pieces through my machine, this little gadget made cutting them apart so fast and easy.  This was a gift at the American Quilting Retreat a few years ago.  I'm willing to bet you have all the parts in your sewing room right now so you can put one together.

 The blocks are pieced, glued to the backgrounds and in a box just waiting for a nice summer day on my deck to be appliqued.

That's enough to make this girl feel pretty good but wait, there's more.  Two more Roseville Album blocks finished.  

 Just 3 more of the square blocks to finish then it's time to start on the 4 long blocks.

Right now, I'm headed back to my sewing room to get the next project in the summer box.

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