Sunday, February 19, 2017

Solstice Dream

 Although I haven't posted in a while it's not because I wasn't stitching.  Solstice Dream is a wall hanging I designed and completed over the past few months.  

Each block is appliqued onto a wool background and the applique motifs are primarily wool with a bit of cotton just to make it interesting.  Speaking of interesting - embroidery embellishes the applique and there are lots of bees along with a spider, caterpillar, lady bugs, frog, dragon fly, birds and flowers.

 My friend, Cindy Paulsen of Quilted Connection, added amazing machine quilting, and quilted the words "Grow Wings", "Take Flight", "Soar", in the borders.

Patterns for Solstice Dream are available in my Etsy Shop.
Detailed instructions for wool colors, embroidery threads, and embellishment stitches are included for each block along with the applique template patterns.  The pattern is for instant download making it easy to print off the information for one block at a time - great for a take-along project. 

Are you thinking that you would love to make it but it just looks too complicated?  Not to worry - the stitches really aren't that difficult and I have an idea to help you:
Step 1:  Buy the pattern and get your wool and threads ready.
Step 2:  Beginning mid-March on this blog I will walk you through each block.

Tuesday I will be leaving for Quilt Con in Savannah, Georgia, USA.  I have no idea what to expect but a good time.  If you are there, get in touch so we can meet in person.


  1. Another gorgeous design! I just purchased it and am looking forward to Mid-March!

  2. Kerry, It is absolutely gorgeous, I just love it.I'm going to have to get it soon. I need more hands and hours in the day. Way too many projects going.

    1. I think we all have too many projects :-)) Just think of it this way - one little 6" block at a time and eventually it will be done!

  3. Your quilt is amazing! Sewgentle here


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