Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Enchantment Birds

Why is it so hard to find time for stitching?  There are constant interruptions and there was that book I wanted to finish........  My husband is going to have an article in an upcoming wood carving magazine which means he carves and then I take a photo of each step.  Between each photo I've been appliqueing.

The leaves may be multiplying on their own - that's how it seems anyway.  Needing a break from green thread, I decided to finish the birds and then go back to leaves.

 On her last trip to India, Jenna brought me some silk which I used on some of the birds. 

 The batik wings are interesting.

The poor things, they are so flat and boring at this stage.  I can't wait to start some embellishment.

But for now, it's back to leaves.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Enchantment - Finding Time

A busy week has gone by since I last shared my progress on Enchantment.  We have been busy catching up from our month away from home but a few minutes here and there are stolen to cut out a leaf or flower.

 A few pieces have been removed and many added.  The birds are now pinned in place along with berries, flowers and leaves.  Everything is pinned down and ready to be appliqued.  I know for certain the brown stem with blue flowers will be reworked and some more leaves needed to be added here.  The tree just seems too stark so there will probably be a vine added.  

Now for eye-candy.  Alisa's quilt is finished and ready to be quilted.  We hung it on my design wall and just oohed and aaahed.

  Alisa is a true artist and doesn't feel compelled to color (or stitch) within the lines.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to the City

We left our mountain paradise for a quick trip to the real world.  There's nothing like noise, traffic, lots of people and soaring temperatures to make me yearn for the simple life we enjoy at our cabin. Fortunately, I will be returning in about a week which gives me plenty of time to cut out the birds and remaining leaves/flowers for Enchantment.  My bags will include a good supply of beads and threads for embellishing too.  Hopefully I will have some time to stitch while here and be able to share some progress.

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that my count of Dove In Bloom kits was off.  I have just 1 left and it is listed in my Etsy shop HERE.  I promise, this is the very last one, there won't be any more.  

Thursday, July 31, 2014


More leaves and flowers were appliqued in place and 3 vines added.  Don't worry about the open spaces - birds will appear in just a few more days.  Normally I despise leaving the cabin for time in the city but our trip back tomorrow will give me a chance to pick up more fabric.

I tried to get a close-up of the vines, but the photo studio is the deck, with my husband holding the quilt while the dogs run back and forth through it.  I hurry to take the photo before there is some dog-related accident.

The vines are Painter's Organic Cotton Ribbon Floss ruched and then appliqued in place with 3 colors of wool leaves.  They look quite plain right now but I have some plans for them.

Since tomorrow is a travel day there won't be much stitching.  Enjoy your weekend and look for an update on Monday. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Slow Progress

I awoke to the sound of nothing - just quiet - then hummingbirds were at the feeder and a chickadee sang to me.  What a beautiful morning.  It rained yesterday for the first time in weeks.  We watched the storm clouds gather and the lightning from under a quilt on the porch.  Thunder rolled down the canyons so loud the dogs hid in the basement.  And then rain.  This morning the grass was still wet with the most wonderful fragrance of.......fresh.

Time to enjoy this while sitting on the deck stitching Enchantment.

A few leaves, berries and flowers are stitched in place and more are pinned down.  The larger leaves are layered with cotton and wool while the small ones are simply wool.  Today I plan to start adding the vines that hang from the branches.  Yesterday the post man brought my order of Painter's Ribbon Floss in a variety of colors that I will ruche for the vines.  The Painter's Ribbon Floss makes this process so easy as you just pull one of the threads and gather it up.  I cut out a pile of small leaves for the vines.

I didn't bring any fabric for the birds but they will be tucked in among the branches and flowers.  I can't wait to get started on the embellishment. This phase seems so flat and it is screaming to be dressed up.  I've been thinking about what threads and stitches to use as I applique each piece.

Well, time to get stitching.

p.s. I hear thunder.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Project Finished

Don't worry, I didn't give up on Enchantment.  Leaves and berries are being cut and appliqued and I will have an update tomorrow.  

Just before leaving town my quilter, Cindy Paulson, called to let me know my Basket Case was ready to pick up.  A few months ago this quilt was giving me fits so it was a real sense of accomplishment when I took the last stitch on the binding. 

The quilt is brighter than it appears in the photo and I can't wait to use it as my winter nap quilt.  There will be pleasant "colorful" dreams.  We didn't have good lighting but my husband held the quilt high and Juno insisted on being included. 

The last few weeks have been spent at our cabin where I just have the basics for sewing. No quick trips to the quilt shop as the nearest is about an hour away.  My part of the "play room" consists of a cutting table and ironing board which is shared with a carving table and computer desk.  Any machine sewing is done at the kitchen table with my Featherweight and pinning takes place on the kitchen island.  

We've all heard that necessity is the mother of invention.  Enchantment needs to be pinned up so I can stand back to view the project in order to select colors and fabric.  Since there isn't a design wall I pin it to the edge of the clothes hanging in the closet.  Not as good as my design wall but it works!  OK, I'm off to cut applique pieces to show you tomorrow.  Have a good day stitching.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Alisa's Enchantment

Did I mention that this is Alisa's first applique project?  Oh, how I would love to take credit for this as being a great teacher but.... actually, Alisa is a great artist.  Yes, I taught her to needle turn cotton applique and a whip stitch for wool; a bit about embellishment threads, and then she went for it.  

The dark background is stunning in a mix of indigo prints pieced together with a dragonfly print on an indigo background for the border.  Alisa is working on the embellishment, making this even more stunning.  She has set the bar really high for me.

I have always believed that you don't need to start on a small project when learning new techniques.  Learn on a design you love, regardless of size and then you will stick with it.

If you love this design, get the pattern from Material Obsession and join us.

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