Friday, July 6, 2012

A Finished Project!

My friend, Norma Whaley, of Geoff's Mom Patterns, designed this cute project.  I don't usually drop everything to start something new but this one was an exception.  I love robins and had just the right place to hang this in my front hall.

I did "tweak" a few things - the black part of the eye was punched from black wool with a 1/4" hole punch and appliqued onto white wool.  Then I carefully cut around the black to leave a narrow white border.  I find this method is much easier than trying to cut the white circle and placing the black dot right in the middle.  I stitched a little "highlight" in the eye with a white thread.

Bullion stitches in varying lengths cover the beak and a vein was stitched in each leaf using a fly stitch.  I appliqued ric-rac over the seam line, and cut the leaves and berries larger than the pattern. This was a quick project and it looks lovely just inside my front door. 

Check out all the other patterns that Joyce and Norma have designed over at Geoff's Mom.  They are very creative and have a huge assortment of pieced and appliqued quilts to tempt you.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm Baaaack

We went to Chicago to help our son, Jarod, and his girlfriend, Jenna, move back to Salt Lake City.  They were able to arrange transfers with their employer and we are thrilled to have them back "home".  We took one day for sight-seeing and Navy Pier before loading up the big moving truck.

Then, the long drive through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming!  Oh, how I wanted to make some stops in Iowa at the Amana Colonies and Winterset but was quickly told we were on a schedule.

Just as we arrived back home and packed up lots of groceries to enjoy the cool weather at our cabin, we were notified that Scofield had been evacuated due to wildfire.  This has been a stressful week but latest news is that the fire is still about 5 miles away.  We are very fortunate that over 600 firefighters are working to control the fire that is over 44,000 acres.

Today it is raining for this first time in 7 weeks and only 66 degrees here. 

I've had a lot of time to get caught up on projects and hope to have my newest ready to show you soon.

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