Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Are You Ready?

 I'm just about there.....well, sort of.  I'm never really ready until Christmas Day and it's obvious I can't do any more.  But, the tree is up, presents are wrapped, and I actually took time to enjoy this pretty scene and read this morning.  I've been trying all year to keep my New Year's resolution - no, not the one about dieting, the one about not being in such a hurry all the time.

So I finished my shopping early, made some gifts and gave a wonderful gift to myself - time to take a class.  I spent last Friday and Saturday learning how to make a primitive doll from Stephanie at Sweet Lavender.  This was such a fun time and Stephanie is a great teacher with many hints and how-to's.

This was all new to me.  I've never needed paint brushes, wire cutters and a hair dryer in addition to my sewing kit.  As a little girl I never played with dolls, I didn't "get" it, just thought they were boring. I didn't like my mother-in-law's collection of porcelain dolls either.  Too realistic - creepy.

Then, there were the primitive dolls! Ugly!!!  But then I saw Aunt Bee at Sweet Lavender, a pattern from Veenas Merchantile that Stephanie had made.  I had been wanting a primitive doll for my husband's old high-chair and when I saw Aunt Bee I knew she was "it".

 There were six of us in class and Peggy could take a few minutes here and there to check in on us.  After stuffing the bodies and painting them black, it was time for sanding, coffee staining and painting the "blouse".

While the dolls were drying we made the skirt, pantaloons and wings from pretty fabrics then dipped them in coffee to make them look old and stained.

Don't they look like the ugly step-sisters waiting for an invitation to the ball?

I added an embellished wool flower to her bodice, and she has wings pinned to her back with rusty safety pins.  What about that hair and attenae?  Her nose is a rusty nail with another rusty safety pin for her mouth.
 My husband had never seen a primitive doll and thinks she is very ugly.  He is wondering if he should be insulted that I put her in his high-chair where, as he tells it, he sat as a very cute baby.  She is staying!

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