Monday, March 25, 2013

The Faster I Go.....

The faster I go, the behinder I get! Every day I have great plans for what I will accomplish.  Unfortunately, I run out of day - everyday.  There are great ideas for stitching, dying wool, working on a new pattern, and when I'm tired, sitting down to read a few chapters.  But, the housework, cooking and errands demand my attention and I was taught that you have to do your chores before you can play.  Some days the chores take up the entire day.  Today it was making cookies for my husband's carving group, walking the dogs, cleaning out the book cases and closets for donations, and getting the oil changed in the car.  It was a joy to get the oil changed - really, like a little vacation.  While waiting I finished my book and added some stitches to a new block.  Later, I am going to stitch when the carvers are here for all 3 hours!

I can't believe it was 3 weeks ago that I promised "Big News", a promise that was based on someone else's promise to me about when things would happen.  Well, I'm still waiting!  Be patient, it is BIG news and worth the wait.  Maybe this week.

I did get to teach 2 classes at the American Quilting Retreat where students learned wool applique and embellishment using my Flora Mini Purse kit as a class project.  I also taught an embellishment class where we learned many stitches using a variety of threads.  Last weekend, students chose between the Seasons of Home Basket and the City Bucket or Country Bucket at Sweet Lavender.  If you are looking for a quick project, maybe as a special gift, the Flora Mini Purse kit is a good buy at $25.00 and the kit includes the pattern, hand-dyed wool, purse frame, and embellishment threads.  Everything is included.

Got to go.......time to get dinner started.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Do you live in Texas?

I know I promised some big news - and although this is news-worthy, it's not my big news - yet.

This weekend is the Dallas Quilt Show, and if you live anywhere in Texas, or within driving distance of Dallas, get over there.  This looks like a great opportunity to see beautiful quilts and do a bit of shopping at the many vendor booths.

Speaking of vendors.......... Check out Happiness is Quilting and see my trunk show, right there in the booth. 

How did I get to Happiness is Quilting?  For many years, Jill Green (no relation) lived in Utah (her parents live right around the corner) and we both went to Girl Gang at a local quilt shop.  Jill is a kind, talented quilter and I enjoyed seeing her many finished projects over the years.  We were all disappointed when Jill's husband was transferred to the Dallas area.  Jill didn't let the move get her down and started working at a local quilt store, you guessed it, Happiness is Quilting.  She shared my patterns with the store owner and teaches some of my projects.  So now you know how I got to Texas.

A few of the things I know: 1) it's a small world; 2) friends are friends even if they move and you miss them; 3) happiness is quilting.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Rabbit Class

Another gift to myself.  A class with Stephanie at Sweet Lavender, this time to make a bunny.
 Isn't she sweet?  Lift up her skirt and you see pantaloons and red buttoned shoes.  She is holding a tin of carrots stitched from wool with raffia tops.

My friends, Norma and Carrie, were also in class and we worked hard for 2 days.  Just getting those little arms and shoes stuffed just right takes quite a bit of time.  Next, painting her body with black paint, sanding and staining with coffee.  Just a one minute break and then it's time to get started making the clothes.

On Saturday we finished the clothes and added all the frilly details - buttons, bows, lace, etc. When I brought her home my husband said he likes her more than the bee doll, but I love them both.

I would never attempt making a doll by myself but Stephanie is a great teacher with the patience of a saint and all kinds of tips.  Fun project, fun with friends - a gift to myself.

p.s.  check back in a few days - I hope to have some exciting news.

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