Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day Tripper Purse and Travel Bag

Yesterday I received a very nice email from Beth.  She had purchased my Day Tripper pattern a few months ago at Village Dry Goods and just finished her bag.  Beth is going to Mexico on vacation with her family and wanted to make this purse for her daughter.

This top photo shows the front flap opened up to show both the front and back pocket.  Beth was a bit hesitant to tell me she made some changes, not certain of my reaction.  I'm thrilled when someone makes changes to my patterns to make the project their own.  My pattern is just the starting point to bring out your own creativity.

On the front flap Beth changed out the bee hives for sail boats which is more fitting for her daughter.  In the above photo, Beth chose to applique her daughter's beloved dog that passed away not long ago.  What a sweet reminder of a best friend.

I think Beth did a fantastic job on her Day Tripper.  I'm sure her daughter will love this gift from Mom and appreciate the hours of stitching and careful thought that went into creating it.

I will be teaching the Day Tripper at Village Dry Goods in November and look forward to seeing the changes each student makes.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


The next few weeks will find me traveling with my husband to Oklahoma where he will be taking a wood carving class.  Over the years we have become friends with this group and are looking forward to seeing them again.  Let me tell you, carvers and quilters have a lot in common.  During class, I hang out with our dogs, and they get to watch me stitch.

Occasionally I'm invited to teach a class on embellishment.  I enjoy the classes, meeting new people, and seeing how excited they are to learn stitches, trying out a new thread, beads and colors. Since I have a few classes coming up soon, I started working on some new samples to demonstrate stitches and fibers.  Here's a sneak peek:

Bees and lavender - what a lovely combination to surround a woven bee skep.  The next blocks will be flowers to surround the hive.  I've been busy experimenting with new fibers and learning new stitches.  I'm looking forward to my stitching time; I wonder if the dogs are.

Mickey and Juno


A few weeks ago I told you about my hand-me-down bed from my nephew and the quilt that fit perfectly.  With a few minutes of free time, the hunt was on for more quilts to cover the bare walls. Finding just the right quilt in my closet turned into a trip down memory lane.

This is a design by Blackbird Designs that I made many years ago. When I first saw the pattern my eye was caught by the waving flag which is so different from the straight flags more commonly seen and I really love the basket design.  The original pattern had 3 eagles across the bottom block, but I substituted one grand bald eagle drawn by my friend, Debra Hale.  I love to do needle-turn applique and this was a joy to make.

Really, isn't this flag special?

This next quilt is one of Buggy Barn's "crazy" designs.  I'm either too crazy or not crazy enough to enjoy this technique, but I love the finished quilt, especially the fabric used for some of the flags.  It's not easy to see in this photo but it is a red/white stripe with a beautiful little floral design.  I just wish there would have been enough for all the flags.

This pillow was lovingly hand embroidered and given to me as a birthday gift by another good friend, Sue Olson.  How lucky am I to have such talented and generous friends?

And then there is the memory of my dad, Jack Rose, only 18 years old in this photo wearing his Army uniform and recently drafted to serve in World War II - and the flag that draped his casket over 30 years ago.

So many memories in this small room.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kits & Threads

I made kits for my recent Berry Bloom class and have 2 left over.  The kits have everything you need to make this little purse including the embellishment threads and pattern.  The only thing not included is the bee at the bottom and applique thread.  The kit is $45.00 and you can find it in my Etsy Shop.  This is hand-dyed felted wool, fully lined with a cute Kaffe print.

I prefer to use Aurifil Lana Wool thread for my wool applique because the texture of the thread matches the "wooliness" of the wool and hides better.  I like a good matching color so the applique stitches don't show and take attention away from my embellishment.  But, a good collection of colors can be expensive so last year I started offering kits of Aurifil wool thread in 32 colors wound on bobbins.

A few months ago my friend let me know she couldn't provide the bobbins any longer, so I went searching for another solution.  I was excited to learn that Aurifil also has the same wool thread on small spools of about 54 yards that I could offer in the same 32 colors.

I'm moving up again with 5 new colors to bring my collection to 36 vibrant, wonderful, wool colors perfect for applique.  No, that isn't a math error - even though 32 + 5 is 37, I deleted one so there are 36 colors in the collection.

If you already purchased the 32 color collection, you can buy the 5 new colors in my Etsy Shop for $20.00.  These new colors are really lovely and "fill in the gaps" of the previous collection.

Now, if you were waiting to buy threads, the full 36 color collection is also available on Etsy for $135.00 which is a discount from buying single spools.  Speaking of single spools, if you just need just one or two colors, I've got you covered there too - again on Etsy, for $4.00 each.

I have some new things in the works that I hope to share soon.  Until then, enjoy the cooler weather and have fun stitching.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Class Projects

I get so wrapped up in teaching that taking a few pics is usually forgotten.  Carol sent pics of her work from class so I can show what we worked (played) on.

In the morning we learned stitches and how to use them to embellish wool applique.  I appliqued a leaf and flower on wool for each student prior to class.  You can see that Carol practiced her bullions, pistils, whipped back stitch, detached chain, fly and more.  She has also completed the embellishment on her Berry Bloom and did a fantastic job.

Carol broke her leg just a few days before class and did all this stitching with her leg propped up on a pillow.  At the beginning of class she told me she didn't know how long she could stay as the leg was quite painful.  Guess what?  She got so caught up in the enjoyment of stitching she was able to stay the entire day - even the trunk show that didn't begin until 7 p.m.

There's nothing like quiet stitching to take your mind off your troubles.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Main Street Quilt Cottage - Peach Days Retreat

 Last week I taught 2 classes during Quilt Camp at Peach Days in Hurricane, Utah.  Hurricane is located in southern Utah, about 20 miles from Zion National Park, one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Even though I've lived in Utah my entire life and been to red-rock country many times, I'm always amazed at the beauty.  Definitely add this area to your list of places to visit - soon.

While you are visiting the Park, stop on your way at Main Street Quilt Cottage in Hurricane.  Lynette, Wendy and Shariah were gracious hosts for my classes and they have a fun shop with a great selection of fabrics, notions, and don't forget to look at the gorgeous Singer Featherweight machines.  They have quite the collection of Featherweights that have been newly painted in fun colors at great prices.

Before class started we each received a fun gift bag with beautiful stilettos hand-made by Lynette, a magnetic pin picker-upper and I was lucky enough to also get 2 bottles of home-made peach jam from Wendy's Aunt Peggy.

Our first class focused on learning a variety of embroidery stitches with Pearl Cotton from Valdani, Silken Pearl and Sea Grass from The Thread Gatherer.  There were about 18 students in class, some taking the class for the first time and it was fun to see a few from previous classes.  After 3 hours of stitching fun we took a break to visit the food and craft booths and quilt show.  I don't know how I did it but I garnered the strength to pass up the dutch oven peach cobbler with fresh peach ice cream.  I wish I would have been weak and bought a bowl - I can't quit thinking about it.

After lunch we worked on my Berry Bloom purse.  I hand-dyed wool for the kits which included everything needed to make the purse including the embelishment threads.  I'm often asked about the bee closure at the bottom of the bag.  I hate to admit it but I bought a necklace at Chico's, paying too much as I knew this was something I would never wear.  But I wanted that bee!  It looks perfect on the bag so it was worth it and now I have a collection of beads from the rest of the necklace.  Gloria found the same necklace on ebay - paid less than I did - so if you love it, give ebay a try.

I was having such a good time that I forgot to take pictures during class and I'm hoping someone will share theirs.  I think everyone enjoyed the day and was excited about the new techniques they learned.  For me, I'm hoping to get invited back next year!

p.s.  maybe I can get some of the peach cobbler next time

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