Monday, December 23, 2013

The Myth of Scraps

 I don't have a "stash".  Well, not like some of my friends have.  My stash is some wool and one small tote of some special fabric and another small tote of Kaffe Fasset prints.  You see, a stash makes me nervous - it calls to me and makes me feel guilty that I'm not using it.  I also like to have a tidy sewing room.

So, since I admire my friends that make scrap quilts I decided to try it.  I had this box of Kaffe fabrics leftover from my bright Acorn's Promise quilt.  Gee, when I bought those I really thought I would use them all up in Acorn's Promise, but no, there was still a full box when the quilt was finished.

In an effort to avoid feeling guilty, I decided to make some hexagon blocks.  Surely, that would use up the scraps!  Wrong again, even after the hexies and cutting out borders that pile of fabric is the same size.

And my room is a mess.
I'm going to try using them up again with an amazing pattern by Chris Jurd of Patchwork Fundamentals.  If I still have this box full when the quilt is finished, I'm thinking of giving it all away.  After all, if I make every quilt out of the same box of fabric, they will all look the same! 

I worked hard the past few days and cut out all the pieces for the side borders of the hexie quilt and am quite excited to get them appliqued and then do the top and bottom.  Someday, hopefully sooner rather than later, I will show it to you.

Friday, December 6, 2013

3rd Day of Christmas- Door Buster Sale!

Today I have a great gift idea for you.  Have you noticed how dry your hands feel after a day of sewing?  Are your cuticles torn and finger tips cracked?  Do your heels get dry and crack?  After searching the store shelves in vain for good natural products that really work,  my sister, Paula and I, decided to make our own skin care products.  Bee Balm and Heel Thyself are all-natural with no artificial color or fragrance.  Only high quality plant oils, healing herbs and beeswax. Family and friends loved the products so much we started a small business, In Your Bonnet.

Bee Balm is an all-natural healing ointment that moisturizes while healing cracked skin, torn cuticles, burns, cuts, and takes the sting out of insect bites.  My husband calls it "miracle in a tin".  Bee Balm doesn't leave an oily residue and you will be surprised at the immediate relief and quick results. 

Apply Heel Thyself nightly until the cracks heal and then just once or twice a week to keep your feet smooth. Heel Thyself is absorbed quickly into your dry skin so no nasty greasy marks on your sheets and no need to wear socks to bed.

Today, Paula is offering a fantastic "door-buster" to friends of 
Kerry Stitch Designs.  

Buy 10 small (1 oz) or 4 large (4 oz) Bee Balm and get 
1 Heel Thyself, regularly priced $15.00 FREE!

Don't wait, all of the In Your Bonnet products are made in small batches and supplies are limited.  Just visit IN YOUR BONNET and at checkout, in the special instructions box type "Kerry Stitch".

Paula will send your products via Priority Mail, so you can get treating your dry skin within a few days.

(This offer expires on December 20th, 2013)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 2 of Christmas

During Quilt Market in Houston, my eyes were drawn to the beautiful threads in the Threadnuts booth.  Threadnuts is the wholesale distributor for Painters threads from Germany.

Painters threads have a very unique dying system for their hand-dyed threads and fibers where color is painted on giving each skein varying dots of sparkling colors.  Believe me when I say that the colors are so vibrant that the camera can't begin to show how beautiful they are and what a difficult time I had deciding which ones to offer first.  Each skein is a work of art named after a famous artist.

As you know, I love to embellish my wool applique and the Painter's Pearl Cotton size 8 is amazing to work with.  Since colors are applied in a random manner rather than a set repeat, the variegated colors result in beautiful embellishment stitches.

I have a limited quantity of the Painter's Pearl Cotton in my Etsy shop here

 I sometimes like to add a bit of metallic threads but so many of these embellishment threads are just too much shine for me.  I like the metallic to enhance, not overwhelm, my work.  Painters Threads also offer a fine metallic braid in amazing colors.  Any of your embroidery stitches can be worked in this fine thread for just a hint of sparkle or my favorite is to use it for adding beads with a Coral Stitch.

Find the Painters Metallic Braid in my Etsy shop here.

I have a limited quantity of the threads on hand but don't worry, if I sell out I can have a new supply within a week.  Do you have a friend that would love some threads for Christmas or can you sneak them into your own stocking?

As I mentioned yesterday, Etsy gives me limited options on charging postage.  If you want to add necklaces, threads and patterns to your order and fill up a flat rate envelope for just $5.00, give me a call at 801-706-4671 to order and we can save on the shipping charges.

Check back tomorrow for another perfect stitchers gift idea.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The 3, not 12 Days of Christmas

Yesterday I heard a news story that estimated it would cost $27,393 to buy everything in "The 12 Days of Christmas" song.  Wow!  I guess that's off my wish list.

Most of us need to be a bit practical during this holiday season but still want to give special gifts.  Since I'm a bit late starting my Christmas shopping, I only have 3 ideas - not 12 for you.

Starting today, I have 5 beautiful necklaces to hold your little scissors.  I wear mine whenever I'm stitching so there's no looking to find them when I need to clip a thread or snip off a little corner of fabric.  My friend, Marsha looks for unique beads and combines them into unique pieces.  I had Marsha make a scissor necklace for me and thought you might like one too.  There are additional, close-up photos when you click on the "here" links.

Colorful Lampwork Beads Necklace for $22.00 click here
 Colorful African Christmas beads with batik dotted bone, $24.00 click here
 Navajo bear fetish symbolizing strength, introspection, and the power of the soul for $24.00 click here
 Hand-painted pelicans on ceramic beads from Peru, $22.00 click here
 Who doesn't love pearls for only $22.00?  Click here

When listing on Etsy, I have limited options for adding the shipping charges.  If you would like to order more than one you can call me at 801-706-4671 or go ahead and order on the Etsy site and I will refund the excess shipping charges.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see what I have for you.

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