Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Not Too Late

There are still about 7 weeks before the beginning of the

I will be teaching my Crazy for Embellishment class the first day of retreat and I'm so excited to let you know that I will also have a vendor booth for all 3 days.  While I'm busy teaching my husband will be minding my "store".  He has passed his training sessions on hand-dying wool, packing kits and packaging patterns and he will know all about the threads and notions too.  If you are in the vendor area while I'm in class, don't miss a chance to meet this great guy that helps me out.

There are a lot of great teachers at this retreat giving you a fun opportunity to join their classes.  The retreat offers a wide variety of classes, sure to offer something for everyone.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another "Almost" Finish

I'm making a sincere effort to finish up some projects....... so I can start some more.  This cute welcome sign is another pattern from Timeless Traditions Quilts, my friend Norma Whaley.  Warm Welcome finishes to about 10"x24" and will have a cotton border added when I find the right frame.  I'm hoping to find the frame and stuffing for the bunny pillow on the same shopping trip.

I couldn't resist adding just a bit of embellishment on this flower - Bullions with Silken Pearl #5 and a Back Stitch with Sea Grass.  (no, it's not your eyes, this photo is a bit blurry, must have jiggled a bit)

Do you have trouble finding a purse that is just the right size with pockets where you want them?  I have solved this problem by making my own purses and while they may not be what the Kardashians are carrying, they work for me.  This afternoon I cut out pieces for a new purse.  See, finish one, start one.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stitching In A Wood Shop

Yesterday friends from the Midway Heritage Quilt Guild joined me for an embellishment class at my home.  We have weekly classes here for wood carvers but a stitching class was new for us.  How do you turn a wood carving shop into a place for stitchers?

 First, cover the work bench with a table cloth, add a pretty flower, and you have a buffet table for lunch.

 Lay out hand-dyed wool on a work table next to a tool box.

 Cover a marked-up table with a quilt to display colorful threads.

 Share ideas with a finished project...
 and chocolate
 Stitching sampler.....
with more chocolate

 Add friends

Result - A wonderful stitching day.

My husband was a perfect helper, setting up the room, serving and taking away lunch, making coffee, and he even scrubbed the floor.  It was fun to have a class at home and I appreciated that Dale was willing to give up a day of carving for us.  I hope to have another class soon.

Monday, April 14, 2014

One Project Finished ....... almost

After many hours of stitching fun, one project is almost finished.  "Taking Time To Smell The Flowers" is meant to be a pillow and it's finished except for the stuffing.  This is a design by my friend, Norma Whaley, of Timeless Traditions Quilts, wool applique on a wool background.

Below is Norma's pillow, and you can see I took a few tiny liberties with her design.  Norma doesn't mind as she recently finished my design, Ask-Believe-Receive and made her own changes.  I love Norma's design but just wanted to make it mine with a few "tweaks".
Taking Time To Smell The Flowers pillow by Norma Whaley

At the end of the day I enjoy sitting down and making beautiful embellishment stitches.  Here's what I did:

  • I made the bunny's ears a bit longer and added some pink inside.
  • The shape of the eye is added with a  Back Stitch using Old Lace Sheep's Silk, a dark brown wool circle with blue wool circle on top and a Straight Stitch highlight with the Sheep's Silk,
  • Painter's Threads Ribbon Floss, slightly rouched, was appliqued in place for a neck scarf.  
  • The entire rabbit was outlined with Back Stitch using the Sheep's Silk.

  • I made the berries larger and branches to the main stem are Palestrina Stitch in Silken Pearl #5, Acorn Woods.
  • Back Stitch along the main stem with Evergreens Silken Pearl #5
  • Fly Stitch along small leaves in Camoflage Silken Pearl #5
  • Large Leaves are outlined with Back Stitch.  A Back Stitch "vein" is added down the length of the leaf with Pistil Stitches added in varying lengths using Painters Thread Pearl Cotton #8, Van Gogh.
  • I changed the flower to be a single shape rather than individual petals.  The flower is outlined with a Back Stitch in Autumn Honey, Silken Pearl #5.  Woven Picots were added at the bottom of each flower using the same thread.  I moved the Picots out of the way to add Pistil Stitches in varying lengths were stitched with Granite Silken Pearl #5.  To finish, I placed a single stitch at the end of each picot to hold them in place.
  • I changed the shape of the tulip and added an outline of Bullion Knots using Hollyhocks & Hummingbirds Silken Pearl #5.
  • The center petal is created with Hollyhocks & Hummingbirds in a Chain Stitch.  I began at the point of the petal and worked from the outside in to the center.
  • Bullion Knots in Chartreause Silken Pearl #5 connect the berries to the tulip.
  • Turkey Work using Mushroom Sheep's Silk gives this bunny a fluffy tail.
  • I made the grassy area larger and using Straight Stitches in Painter's Thread Pearl Cotton #8, Monet, added some grass.
  • Along the top of the grass there are large Lazy Daisy Stitches in Monet, with Hollyhocks & Hummingbirds Straight Stitches inside.
Now, just a bit of stuffing and a label and this project should be done about 1 day before Easter...... or 11 months before decorating for next Easter! 

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