Sunday, December 28, 2014

Finally - some progress

This year I started late with my Christmas preparations but through daily determination, I finished just in time for the big day.  Both Christmas Eve and Christmas day were filled with family and friends, good food and laughter.

In the midst of holiday preparation, my son and husband carried all my sewing furniture and supplies to the new sewing room and I finished putting things away yesterday.  Later this week I will share photos and have a give-away.  But for now........ some progress on my While The Cat's Away BOM.

 Darn!! I thought these were finished but while looking at the photos I see that in my excitement I forgot to add the Back Stitch on the bottom block.  The leaves on each block were embellished with Bullion Stitches outlining the large leaf and the small inside leaf.  Back Stitch was added about a 1/4" inside the large leaf.  I selected different colors for the leaves on each block to complement the flower.

A variety of stitches and threads were used on the flower centers and I left the inner-most circle free of stitching to give the machine quilter a place to add her quilting.  This quilting in the center will "hold down" the centers so they don't pouf up too much.

The centers are cut from the felt that was included in the kit.  Once it is stitch I think it looks OK but it is much more difficult to stitch through than felted wool.  I will be using felted wool on all of the remaining blocks in this quilt.

In addition to these flower blocks, I've made 8 pieced blocks and also pieced 1 sunburst block that is waiting for applique and embellishment.  Let's not talk about the November block that is still in the envelope - OK?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bev is the Winner

Thanks to all of you who sent in your response to my Berry Bloom Give-Away.  Bev was the winner by over 12 hours!

Let me tell you about Bev.  She is the owner of 44th Street Fabrics, a shop she runs out of her home and is a prolific blogger. Although we have never met, I feel like she is a close friend just through our emails.


 I just bought some of the dots Bev has in stock and there is a lot to choose from.  Right now Bev is having a huge sale - 50% off fabric and 30% off patterns.  Go ahead, indulge yourself with a Christmas gift by clicking HERE and find out how to get these great sale prices.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hubby moved out!

What a surprise to look at my last blog posting and realize that it was almost 3 weeks ago.  Each day there have been so many things to keep me busy,.....and sometimes frustrated. Two months ago I told you about the new studio we were building for my husband's wood carving.  That project was finished on time and then he needed to move.  Oh my, after a few hours he told me that he might need a new bookcase and a very big dumpster.  No kidding..... it took him almost 3 weeks to completely move.  Now he is gone - but fortunately, just to the back yard.

Since that project was going sooooo smoothly, we decided to do a bit of fixing up in the house, remodeling our bathrooms.  I don't need to tell anyone that's gone through this about scheduling delays.  One day in total frustration I told the workers, "I love you guys but I can't wait for the day you aren't here".  Right in the middle of all of it was Thanksgiving dinner at my house.  Oh well, company was understanding that they had to walk to the basement to use the only functional bathroom.

Finally, it's finished (almost), so why not start painting the old carving room into a new WOW color for my sewing room.  I love the new color, my husband said "Really?" and my son asked "Why?".  I will share pics as soon as they get my furniture moved in.  

While sorting through my fabric, books, etc. I found some treasures that had been "lost".  The first is a complete Berry Bloom Kit, and by complete that means pattern, all the fabric and threads for embellishment.  Sorry, the bee clasp is not included.  I took the clasp off a necklace purchased from Chico's and I've heard you can occasionally find them on Ebay.

Be the first to email me with your mailing address at and I will send you the kit.  My gift to you.

As soon as I can get back to the computer I have another great give-away so check back.

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