Monday, April 27, 2015

Mug-Wump #2

A few weeks ago I told you about my class at the American Quilting Retreat where I taught how to embellish the Mug-Wump block.  After class I had another finished block, but what to do with it?

 I added some wool and cotton strips to colorful binding making the block fit the cover of a large Yazzii bag.  I stitched the block to the bag and appliqued dotted ribbon to cover the handles.

I added a beaded button-hole stitch along the seam line.

 Beaded zipper pulls on the bag's exterior.

This beaded zipper pull spells out my name.  Believe it or not, these letter beads are from WalMart.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Stitching on Enchantment

There are a lot of leaves on Enchantment - really, a lot of leaves.  Three vines are hanging from the tree on the right side of the quilt. A simple Closed Fly Stitch with Painter's Thread #3 Pearl Cotton in Rousseau on the outside vines with Lazy Daisy in Painter's Shimmer Floss Rousseau on the center leaves.

Unless I break up stitching on leaves this poor project will be put on the shelf so next I stitched a flower.

The flower center is a Spiral Trellis using Valdani Pearl Cotton #8.  Unfortunately, this color has been discontinued so I just use a little bit at a time.  Sea Grass "Butterscotch" in the closed Fly Stitch and The Lavenders Silken Pearl #5 for Bullions.  The flower was outlined with Valdani 0244 Pearl Cotton #8 using a Pekinese Stitch.  Tiny seed bead flowers are stitched on each petal.

I think another flower before more leaves........... 

To see more Enchantment photos check out my Enchantment Board on Pinterest

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Back to Stitching - I hope

Do you remember last fall when we built a new wood carving workshop in the back yard?  The project didn't end there.  With the arrival of spring weather we have been working to restore the landscaping around the workshop.  My husband has had to do the majority of the heavy work; taking up brick pathways and laying them back down, hauling wheelbarrows of sod, dirt and top dressing from place to place.

Last week we visited the nursery and purchased plants for a new flower garden.  Here in the Salt Lake City valley, it can be a bit tricky to find just the right plants.  They need to be hardy enough to withstand sustained freezing temperatures in the winter and searing sun with low humidity in the summer.  In fact, this part of the yard won't be watered by our sprinkling system so in addition, they need to cope with very low moisture.

I am most excited about a new (to me) plant named Red Bird In A Tree.  Doesn't that sound like the name of a quilt?   The stems will be about 24" tall with red blooms that look like little birds.

After this project, my husband and I have agreed that we are too old for this type of work.  Oh, the aches and pains!  I'm hoping that the swelling in my hands will subside enough today that I can hold a needle.

Friday, April 10, 2015

I'm Still Here

Last week I attended the American Quilting Retreat in Midway, Utah.  This is a great gathering of talented women that I look forward to each year.  Three weeks before the retreat I mailed kits for my Mug-Wump block to everyone registered for my class, with instructions on completing the applique.  Class time was dedicated to embellishing the block with beautiful embroidery stitches.  I had a great group of students and stitching on an actual project was a great way to learn.  

Each person attending the retreat has their own sewing station where we can sew together in one big room.  For the remaining 3 days I focused on piecing blocks for While The Cat's Away BOM.  Piecing really isn't my strong suit and it took me 2 days to make the 8 star blocks.  The final day was spent on the Churn Dash blocks that were finished when I arrived home.

You've heard about me cleaning out the closet (finally) and one more quilt was sent off recently to be quilted.  Imperial Blooms was completed about 4 years ago and I'm so happy that it is finally quilted.  "My" machine quilter, Cindy Paulsen, is amazing and has really perfected her craft.  

Cindy knows that I love a lot of quilting in the background, quilting on top of the applique, and threads matched to each color.  Since picking up this quilt a few days ago, I keep going back to look at all the details.  Wow!!

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