Friday, September 11, 2015

If it's not one thing.............

It's another, and I can't believe what has happened in a week.

First, the good news.................
I finally finished both my Enchantment and Cat's Away quilts and was thrilled to deliver them to my machine quilter.  I've been working on both for over a year and it was a relief to give them a "temporary" good-bye.

 Two quilts done and it's time to start some more.  I'm going to get my next Roseville Album block ready in case I get the go-ahead from my doctor to travel with my husband next week to Stevens Point, WI for a wood carving show.  I have some ideas for an embellished wool wall-hanging and the Yazzi bags need to be covered.

A second good-bye was to my friend, Berylene, at her funeral.  I will never forget the memories I have of her.

We then packed up groceries and traveled to our cabin for a rest.  The first few days of our "rest" were spent staining, but on Wednesday our friends and neighbors arrived at their cabin and we planned a fun night of dinner and cards.

So much for plans,  when we arrived with our contribution of home-made coffee Heath bar crunch ice cream, I stepped back and bumped into a large rock and because I'm a klutz, fell backwards, ripping my leg on a metal post and hitting my head on the ground.  Anyway that's what they tell me because I got a concussion and have no memory of the event.  My husband loaded me into the truck and rushed me to the nearest hospital which is an hour away.  I don't remember that part either but I stayed the night and was released yesterday.

Once again I was reminded of what a loving family and friends I have as they came to the hospital, have brought us food, and check in by phone.  I would post a picture here of my injured leg but then you would see how fat my leg is.

Thanks to all my blog world and Facebook friends too for your kind messages.


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