Thursday, January 4, 2018

Pretty in Pink - Block 15 Solstice Dream

The stitch along instructions and tips for Solstice Dream blocks include the needles and types of threads used in this project.  Thread colors are included in the pattern.  Book pages refer to those in the Right (or Left) Handed Embroiderer's Companion available in my Etsy shop.

We are ready to stitch the final block in Solstice Dream and you have already used all of the stitches in earlier blocks.

For the large pink flower I chose a Kaffe Fasset cotton fabric named Roman Glass which was appliqued in place with the needle-turn method.  I recommend that you do not use a fusible product on the back of the cotton as it will result in a flat flower that is difficult to stitch through when you add the other layers.

Flower center:
Stitch French Knots (page 94) with 2 wraps in an oval shape using Silken Pearl #5 in a #24 Chenille needle in the center of the dark pink.

Tip: Draw an oval shape on freezer paper and iron the shiny side onto the dark pink.  Stitch the French Knots around the freezer paper to obtain the oval shape.

Remove the freezer paper and with a contrasting color of Silken Pearl #5, fill the oval with more French Knots.

Add Pistil Stitches (page 94) of varying lengths radiating out from the oval using Silken Pearl #5 in a #24 Chenille needle.  

Outline the dark pink flower center with short Drizzle Stitches of 5 wraps (page 81) using both Silken Pearl and Dazzle thread in a #1 Milliner needle.

Outline both the orange flower center and the large pink flower with Bullion Knots (page 18) using Silken Pearl #5 in a #1 Milliner needle.

Use Sea Grass in a #24 Chenille needle to add side-by-side Fly Stitches (page 91) along the stem.

With the same Sea Grass, Fly Stitch (page 91) along the center of each leaf.

Follow the same instructions as on Block 2 using Dazzle thread in a #1 Milliner needle.


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