Saturday, January 12, 2019

Embellishment Thread How-To

I love using different fibers to embellish my wool applique.  Silk, cotton, mohair, linen, all have a different texture and sheen to bring your project to life.  My newest design, Nocturne, was completed with a selection of hand-dyed threads from The Thread Gatherer and Painter's Threads from Threadnuts.

While making Nocturne I kept careful track of each thread to prepare a list for the pattern and how much of each color to include in kits.  Below is a list of tips for handling your threads so you don't run out.

The first tip is quite obvious - don't use the thread included in the kit to practice or on a different project.  Keep a scrap of wool in your sewing box when you need to practice a stitch and try to use a similar weight of thread.

Here's how I get my thread ready for stitching:

The above photo is a skein of Silken Pearl #5 from The Thread Gatherer tied to a tag showing the color and yardage (15 yards) in the skein.

First step is to cut the thread tied to the tag.  Don't cut into the twisted skein of thread.  

As you "gently" untwist the skein you will see that the 2 ends of the skein are knotted together.  Although there are 15 yards of thread, it is just 1 piece of thread that is 15 yards long, looped and the ends tied together.

Don't be scared. Cut through the entire skein where the ends are tied.  Now you have 15 pieces of thread that are each 1 yard long.

Forget what Grandma told you - we are going to thread a needle with a full length of this thread.  That's right - a full 36" length.  This is strong, quality thread and shorter lengths waste more thread.  And who wants to stop and thread a needle?  Not me.

Thread one end of the threads through the tag and store in a plastic bag until you need it.  I like to use the small bags sold in craft stores.  All of the threads used in Nocturne can be handled in this manner. 

I hope you're getting excited to get started.


  1. Kerry, I know the wool and threads ae available as a BOM, is anyone sitting just the threads?


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