Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Nocturne Block 4

It is so tempting to stitch Block 2 and Block 4 together so we can get started on the funny little gold Looney Bird. Let's take it a step at a time to make it easier and save the best for last.

Begin by appliquing all of the motifs in place including the Looney Bird's tail feathers.  Notice that the tail feathers run under the branch.

The small leaves at the base of the flowers and 2 of the leaves on the upper branch are embroidered with Fly Stitch in the center of the leaves and outlined with Back Stitch using size 5 Pearl Cotton.  The 2 leaves at the end of the branch use the same thread but are stitched with Buttonhole Stitch running along the center and French Knots on the other side of the leaf.

The flower stems are Palestrina Stitch using the same size 5 Pearl Cotton.  This variegated thread color is Macke by Painters Threads and I love how it picks up the other colors in the block.  

Tip:  To achieve more definition in the Palestrina
Stitch don't pull the stitch too tight.  I like to
use a Bullion Knot needle for this stitch.

I have made a short video to show how to stitch the bottom of the green flower base which you can find "Here"

Pattern Correction
Use a Bullion Knot Needle when outlining 
the flower with Sea Grass.
The Drizzle Stitches are made with Rousseau #8.

The head feathers are 2 double Fly Stitches.  This just means that there are 2 fly stitches very close together, one on top of the other.  Add a Lazy Daisy Stitch inside the "v" of the top Fly Stitch.

Don't be afraid of the the bird's wing.  In the above photo notice that I began a row of cast-on stitches at the bottom left of the wing and continued working to the right until I reached the top of the wing.  The next row is begun once again at the left side and continues to the top of the wing when completed.

Continue in this manner until the wing is covered.  Notice that you can see the wool under the rows of stitches.

Another oops:  The final step to 
completing the bird is to outline the body with 
Back Stitch except for the breast which
has Fly Stitch.

Sew the bottom of Block 2 to the top of Block 4 by machine with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Use pins about every inch to avoid stretching the wool as you sew.  Press the seam open

Now it's time to applique the Looney Bird in place.  Use a chalk pencil to mark the wings and then Back Stitch with the Frida Shimmer Floss.  The same thread is used to Fly Stitch in the center of the wings and the tail feathers.

Drizzle Stitches give this bird some wild head feathers.  He makes me smile.

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