Monday, September 2, 2019

Nocturne Blocks 9 and 10

I'm combining blocks 9 and 10 so you can see how the center flower is placed after blocks 9 and 10 are sewn together.  Notice that I've also left room on the left side of Block 9 for the tree placement.

 The template page for block 9 has a large circle for the flower center which is cut from yellow wool.  Begin a chain stitch on the outside edge of this wool and continue chain stitching towards the center.  I left a circle of yellow wool showing that is about 3/8".

The vein of the leaves is Mountmellick Stitch which is quite similar to a Crested Chain Stitch without the knot at the top of the straight stitch.  If this stitch is new to you, practice on a scrap piece of wool to get the steps of this stitch down and the stitch size right for the leaves.

I was excited to get my bunny stitched just because she is so cute.  Begin by drawing the entire bunny onto freezer paper.  Not just the outside edge, but the front hip/leg and the ears too.  Cut out the full bunny and iron onto the gray wool then cut out the entire bunny.

After the gray bunny is cut out of wool, cut the pink section of the ears and the front leg from the paper template.  Place these freezer paper patterns on the appropriate color of wool and iron in place.  Now cut out close to the edge of the freezer paper and stack on top of the gray bunny.  This method gives more dimension to your bunny and the pieces fit exactly as they were cut from the same pattern.  Just applique in place.

Block 10:
Sew the right edge of Block 9 to the left edge of Block 10 by machine with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Press the seam open.  
Pin the tall flower for Block 10 so the stem covers the seam and the flower extends onto both Blocks 9 and 10.

I have to admit to a mistake on the template page for the tall flower with the curvy lavender stem.  I forgot to draw in the yellow flower center.  Please draw yours using the above photo as a guide.  I've also been told that the template page shows only 4 leaves - not 5. 

I drew the curvy lavender stem with a chalk pencil, giving me a line to follow for my stitching.

Sew the top edge of Blocks 9 and 10 to the bottom edge of Block 6.  

Place the right and left sections of Nocturne right-sides-together and pin this center seam, matching the seams of the tree blocks.  Sew together with a 1/4" seam allowance and press the seam open carefully so you don't crush any embroidery.

Get excited!  You're almost finished!  Next, we add the tree trunk.

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