Monday, May 6, 2019

Nocturne Block 5

It's important to notice a few important things about this block:

  • First, see the leaf pinned at the top?  I'm saving it to add after Block 3 and Block 5 are joined together.  
  • The branch extends all the way to the right edge of the block. This way I'm certain that the tree will cover it.
  • I could have continued the top berry stem to the edge but if the tree doesn't cover it I can easily add a few stitches.
Large Bird:
When you trace the Bird template onto freezer paper, include the beak and upper curved portion of the top wing.  This will give a base for the woven picot to be stitched onto for the beak and help in placement of the wing.

The bottom wing is covered with Closed Buttonhole Stitch.  I began at the point of the wing and stitched along the bottom edge of the wing to the curved edge, tying off the thread in back.  Begin the 2nd row right above the first and stitch from left to right as with row 1.  If you are left-handed, begin on the opposite edge. 

Trace the entire tail onto freezer paper and cut out.  Iron the freezer paper onto the Turquoise wool and cut out.  Remove the freezer paper from the Turquoise wool and cut away the outside tail sections from the freezer paper.  Iron this "reduced" freezer paper template onto the Plum wool.  Remove the freezer paper from the wool and again cut away the side sections from the freezer paper.  Iron the center of the tail onto the Chartreuse wool.

Stack the 3 tail pieces as in the above photo, and whip stitch in place.  This method gives more dimension and since all the colors are cut from the same template there's no fussing to make them fit.

Leaves and Stems:

I absolutely love the variation in colors on the Macke Pearl Cotton that I used to embellish the leaves and berry stems.  This thread  brings all of the colors in the block together.

The stems from the leaves to the tree branch are stitched with this same thread using a Stem Stitch.  Add a double Lazy Daisy Stitch for small leaves on the stem.  Stitch a Lazy Daisy (detached chain) making the anchor stitch just a little longer than usual.  Bring your needle and thread up from the back in the same beginning hole and slide the needle through the anchor stitch, then take it to the back.


The berries are outlined with Bullion Knots that are slightly overlapped.

Joining Blocks:

Pin the "top" of block 5 to the "bottom" of block 3 and sew together by machine using a 1/4" seam allowance, press the seam open.

Add the leaf saved from Block 3.

Stitch the vine that extends from Block 3 to Block 5.  
  • Mark a line for the vine with a white chalk pencil.  
  • I found the easiest way to stitch the vine was to begin at the end (away from the Block 3 branch).
  • Stitch a Lazy Daisy for the end of the vine and 2 more on each side of the drawn line.
  • Move a little bit down the line and stitch a Lazy Daisy on each side of the line.
  • Make 1 Back Stitch from the 1st set of Lazy Daisy "leaves" to the next set.  Continue in this manner along the line.
I hope you are having a wonderful time with Nocturne.  There is just 1 more block for the branches then we will begin the garden with Block 7.

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