Monday, June 3, 2019

Nocturne - Block 6

Block 6 will complete the Nocturne tree branches.  There are some similarities here to Block 5 with a few exciting twists.

Large Bird:
Look back at the tips for Block 5 for a reminder of how to cut the tail sections and stack them as you applique.  The embellishment on the Block 6 tail is exactly the same as the large bird on Block 5.

The wings are outlined with the Closed Buttonhole Stitch and Silken Pearl size 5.
Use a circle drawing template to draw the circles for the Whipped Spider Webs inside the wings with a chalk pencil.  The chalk pencil rubs off easily just in case you want to change the position of a circle.

Mark a spot for the eye button then add the Pistil Stitches.  Use the same thread to sew the eye button in place.

Small Bird:
Now, look carefully at the small bird in the above photo.  According to the pattern you embellish the bird the same as the small bird in Block 1.  But..... I didn't.  For this bird I used a Fly Stitch that branches and extends off the wool bird.

A single flower is on Block 5 but I love flowers so we have 2 on Block 6.  Both flowers use the same threads but the embellishment is different.

I used my circle drawing template to draw a 1" circle in the center of the flower and then Back-Stitched on the drawn line with Silken Pearl size 5.  Make the Back Stitches as close to the same size as possible and don't pull too tight so you can easily slide your needle under them as you stitch the Spiral Trellis with the same thread.

Surround the Spiral Trellis with 8 Oyster Stitches.  Don't pull too tight to have more definition in the stitch.

Finish off the flower by outlining with small Chain Stitch.

This flower center is a Cast-On Stitch Rose.  Make the first Cast-On in the center of the flower and continue to work Cast-On Stitches around the first one until it is the desired size.  Begin each new Cast-on slightly under the the previous one.

Add petals of Double Cast-On Stitch around the rose and outline the flower with small Chain Stitch.


Stitch a Buttonholed - Bullion Knot Wheel with 8 spokes on each berry.  Mary Corbet has excellent instructions for making a Bullion Knot Wheel trimmed with Buttonhole Stitch HERE.  I did mine just a little bit differently.
  • Use the thread and needle size specified in the Nocturne pattern.
  • There's no need to mark the dots.  Just "eyeball" the spokes and it will be OK.
  • Notice that all of my Bullion Knots end in the center of the berry.  I didn't draw a small circle in the center to add French Knots.  Add a Drizzle Stitch in the center.
In the above photo you can see the definition in the Palestrina Stitch stem achieved by not pulling the stitches too tight.

Joining Blocks
Pin the top of Block 6 to the bottom of Block 4 and sew together by machine, using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Press the seam open.
Mark and stitch the vine in place using the same thread and stitches as used for the vine in Block 5.

I hope you are all loving your progress on Nocturne.  Block 7 will begin the beautiful garden beneath the tree.

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